Shoppers Guide

One of The Most Important Parts of the Futon Buying Experience
You need to know what makes a futon mattress and how well the futon mattress is constructed. Devon Chase & Company is the proud manufacturer of the FutonAmerica series futon mattresses. The following important topics should help you make the right decision about your next futon mattress purchase.

What You Don't See, Is What You Get!
All of Devon Chase & Company futons are made using only the very best in materials. We only use masterfully blended certified polyester cotton. Our high quality foam is CFC free. Premium convoluted foams, flat foams, Visco foams, Velotec foams, polyesters and American made coil springs are at the heart of our futon mattresses. These core designs offer the comfort and support that helps determine the feel of your futon mattress.

Sometimes Beauty Is Only Seam Deep!
Finely tailored clothing and premium upholstered goods have something in common with a Devon Chase & Company futon mattress. Both utilize a five needle surged safety stitch throughout. This type of stitch insures the best seam strength and eliminates the possibility of the fabric unraveling inside the futon mattress. The fabric used to make our futon mattress case is made of a heavy weight twill. This cloth is known for its strength and durability. You will also notice that our futon mattress has a tailored, roll edge, box design that produces a superior mattress. This allows the futon mattress to fit neatly in its futon frame for seating, properly fills out a decorative futon cover and helps make for one of the most comfortable nights sleep available for all.

Those Truly Amazing Machines!
The selected method in which we produce our futon mattress is just as important as what our futon mattresses are made of. We insert the materials into every futon mattress case utilizing a specially made controlled pressure futon mattress filling machine. The core materials are evenly placed inside the case. The mouth of the futon mattress case is then sewn shut, opposed to other methods using a zipper. This design is superior. It allows the futon mattress to be child safe, has less sewn seems and eliminates the chances of zipper failure.

Last but not least, the securing laces are inserted into the futon by a truly amazing machine. A United Lace Tufting Machine takes a lace, puts it through a compressed futon, ties a knot and pulls the knot inside the futon. The laces in the futon hold the core materials in place. The more properly placed tufts placed into the futon, the less chance of shifting and bunching that might occur on the inside.

Everyone Indeed is Inspector 13!
We have thirteen quality control inspection stops. Anyone can pull a futon mattress off the production line that is not up to our strict standards. We guarantee our futon mattresses to be free of manufacturing defects. The high standards of quality we have set, as our goal, is not easily achieved. Every one of our many steps in the manufacturing of our futon mattresses must meet rigid standards before the next can begin. Your satisfaction is indeed our future.