Kids Heads in Beds

Help "Support" Our Dreamers and Heroes

At Devon Chase & Company, we believe in giving back to the communities. Through this program donations of bedding will be given to: children; disadvantaged families, homeless or crisis shelters, and volunteer fire departments.

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is priceless. Especially since one third of our lives are spent sleeping. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not receive a good night’s sleep because they are not comfortable, they are not receiving the proper sleeping support of mattress. Sometimes the reason is that they do not have a mattress to sleep on. 

This is an issue that many know of but, few discuss. This topic has been a passion for my company because there is something that we can do about it. We are making a difference.

Let’s us start with the children.

Experts state that children need 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. These same experts consider comfort and support as key factors to a good night’s sleep. Imagine a child having to sleep on a tile or hardwood floor with nothing more than a blanket or sleeping bag. Sleeping on a hard surface, oftentimes with no thermal barrier between the child and the floor. I dare you to try laying on a blanket, on the floor for more than 10 minutes, let alone 8 to 10 hours. Is this any way to treat the future dreamers of our world?

We also help low income families.

Consider that many families are at a disadvantage, part of the working poor, lacking funds and cannot afford a simple mattress for their family members. We can make a huge difference by offering their family members the comfort and support that can lead to a good night’s sleep.

How about the Homeless and Crisis Shelters?

Same holds true for homeless shelters and abuse crisis centers. While many of the shelters offer a haven to stay or live, many do not have the funds required to offer proper bedding, the mattresses, needed for a good night’s sleep. These shelters try to do their best but, we would like to help better service their people.

OK, why volunteer fire departments?

For years, we have been donating custom made mattresses to volunteer fire departments. Budget constraints seem to be their biggest problem. These mattresses are used by many different people throughout the work schedule. Many different sleeping patterns present different issues. These mattresses wear out faster than a standard (home used) mattress. They require replacement earlier than an average mattress. Again, the budget in most cases just isn’t there for the volunteer fire departments to use. We also provide a mattress that is longer and a whole lot stronger.

Lets us explain how we use the funds we receive.

Devon Chase & Company has been in business for over 28 years. We are a mattress manufacturer specializing in futon mattresses, wholesaling to retailers throughout the United States.

Our program offers each of our retailers the opportunity to donate 6 mattresses a year to any of the groups of people listed above. At one point in time, we had over 100 retailers, many who would participate in this program. By the way, this program is available to our retailers at no cost.

Along came the internet and our retailer base has been reduced. We are losing our frontline brick and mortar retailers. However, our mattress sales remain the same as they are sold through a different distribution channel, through e-commerce.

While still offering our current retailers the opportunity to donate 6 mattresses a year, we would like to begin donating directly from our factory to as many people we can afford.

We’re extremely thrifty. We take advantage of local auctions found in the Orlando area, one source being Disney Property Control. We also solicit and receive donations from our own raw goods suppliers and sometimes their competitors. Often these donations and auctions bring us small runs, limited amounts of high quality materials such as fabric, foam, polyester, thread, and so on.

Not all the mattresses we donate will look the same. They can vary in color and thickness. However, they all will perform to the high-quality standards expected of all the mattresses we produce. Also, consider our own people who craft these mattresses, in many cases they donate their time to provide a quality night’s sleep to the mattress recipient.

In the case of the homeless, we offer a program in which the person may visit our factory. Here they spend a couple of hours with our crew, learn about what we do, then help to make their mattress. When finished, they feel a sense of satisfaction, making and keeping the mattress that they just made and earning $20 at the same time. The $20 may be a small amount of money to most people but, it is a huge amount to the person who just made their own bed and got paid doing so. WIN! WIN!

It is important to us that we explain how we use these funds.

With the funds received, we will purchase raw good. Many times, we visit auctions, which are held weekly and monthly, finding low and very low cost high quality goods. We even take advantage of low cost raw goods that can be found at ReStore by Habitat for Humanity. In this case, our purchase helps fund their cause.

We often buy end run, discontinued, or discounted first quality raw goods including but not limited to, fabric, cotton, foam, polyester, thread, odd size plastic bags, or packing materials for shipping. A recent great example was our purchase of 10 rolls of fabric that would normally wholesale for $500 each, our purchase price (at closeout) was $25 each. That is what I call being in the right place at the right time!

We will also set aside a small reserve of cash that can be used to pay a person who would like to help make their own mattress.

This is a simple and straight forward program. Because of the opportunities, we’ve taken, we can produce these high-quality mattresses at low cost. None of the funds donated are used for payroll or overhead.

Devon Chase & Company is a for profit company. We do believe that this program is the best way to give back to the community. You can “rest assured” (get it, this is a mattress reference), we will get the biggest bang for our dollar buck – with your donation.

The sooner we receive the funds, the sooner someone will get a good night’s sleep. Sounds corny but, when you eat, drink, and breathe making mattresses, it only makes sense that we feel our program is very important and exciting.

Let me tell you how important and how much we need your support.

Let’s be honest, this program is just not that exciting compared to others. However, this program does have a lot of substance. Our call to action is for the betterment of people through something everyone has in common, we sleep. Let our devotion become your passion too!

Any donation is truly an investment in the future of the people we help. A good night’s sleep leads to a well-rested child who goes to school ready to learn, a homeless or crises shelter resident better rested to welcome a new day, and volunteer fire-fighters who can rest between others tragedies.

I might be selfish because I must say, for me, utilizing the talent and resources of my company, bringing joy to some people, it just makes me feel good in my heart.

With your help, we will expand our program, we will be able to service more of those who (now in their lives) could use a hand-up. I remember the saying “a chicken in every pot” why not “a bed under every kid”?

Help us to help others.

Your generous donation would benefit a child or family member off the floor and into a bed, help a homeless or crisis shelter resident a better night’s sleep, or better rest for a volunteer fire-fighter who’s home they may save could be one of ours!

I would like to thank you, in advance, for your consideration and if I can answer any questions you may have, I can be reached at [email protected] or 407-438-6466.


Thomas “Tom” Tedesco
Devon Chase & Company

Giving the world a good night’s sleep, one child at a time!