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WELCOME to Devon Chase & Company
At Devon Chase & Company, your comfort and peace of mind means the world to us. Our team is confident that once you explore our website, you should have the knowledge necessary to make an informed futon mattress purchase. Throughout our industry, Devon Chase & Company is known for quality, service, selection, and real value.

STATE OF THE FUTON MATTRESS at Devon Chase & Company
First and foremost, good day, hope all is doing well in these strange times.

We are having a huge problem purchasing raw goods to produce our futon mattress. Both in the raw goods themself with unprecedented price increases and the transportation cost including shipping shortages. In thirty years we have never seen anything like this, plain and simple.

Of course many have suggested to lower our raw goods quality and that will lower the raw goods cost in order for us to compete. Not going to happen it is just not in our family DNA. We will leave this option up to the competition. We at Devon Chase look ourselves in the mirror everyday, we just can't lower the quality.

Good news is that we attended the International Sleep Products Association Expo (ISPA) and found all sorts of new and innovative products to complement our futon mattress line. We have purchased new equipment, are updating our facility and allied ourselves with some industry powerhouses.

Soon to come to devonchase.com a brand new futon mattress product line to complement the current futon mattresses, new wood products such as futon frames and Murphy beds and most of all our reassuring our commitment to you the consumer offering the best quality in the industry.

We wish all of your families, friends and you the very best,

Tom, Sue, Tammy & Chuck, founders of the Devon Chase & Company Family

ABOUT Our Website
The Devon Chase & Company website is designed for consumers as an informational gathering site to help make an informative decision on their next futon mattress purchase. We also offer our futon mattresses direct to the consumer so you can shop from the comfort of your home.

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WHAT is Art of the Month found in our Blog section

We at Devon Chase & Company thought that we would offer more than just great products, we would like to also offer something to stimulate the senses. The art will change from month to month so come back and visit often. We are also open to suggestions. Enjoy!